Hank Rowlinson for President of MNO

Dear Fellow MNO Citizens

Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to talk to leadership and other MNO citizens at the community level in regards to my nomination for the position of Chair of the Métis Nation of Ontario and I must say the support I have received has been overwhelming and humbling. But the sudden announcement of President Lipinski retiring changes the landscape of this election. Accordingly, I wish to announce to you that I have decided to seek to fill that vacancy instead I ask for your support as President of the Metis Nation of Ontario.

I am an Ontario born and raised Métis who for almost two decades has been working the trenches with many of you for the good of our nation, through the good and the trying times and now at this time of renewal. With the PCMNO Election just on the horizon on May 2nd it is vital at this time that we remind ourselves of who we are and why the Métis Nation of Ontario was born.  We must reaffirm our values, re-examine the principles on which we stand, embrace and promote our unique history and culture.  Most of all, we should take the time now to look ahead, restate our goals, our ambitions and our dreams for the future of the Nation.

Those that know me are well aware of my integrity, dedicated work ethics, and commitment to all Métis across the Province. You know that I have a deep understanding and sensitivity to the issues and needs of our people and our communities. You know that I will stand up for our people and our rights and defend them to the fullest.

I want to thank those of you who have been assisting me to date in getting my nomination signatures and to those who have volunteered to work on my campaign, You have my deepest appreciation. I thank you in advance for your continued encouragement and support.

Kindest Regards

Hank Rowlinson

Presidential Candidate

Metis Nation of Ontario

Ph: 705-8974251

E: hank@hankr.ca